Broccoli Stem Soup!!

We generally add the broccoli florets and throw the stem little realising how nutritious and delicious the stem is.I can’t even tell you how many years I spent throwing my broccoli stems in the garbage and i hate myself for that now :P.  I always used to wonder how to use them before throwing them away … More Broccoli Stem Soup!!

Chick peas and kidney beans salad!!

The Salad!! In Today’s world with, so much information available about food on the Internet, people are still not educated about food in India…People still drool over pizzas and pastries.. Healthy food is easily available everywhere, still we prefer to eat junk..We want a luxurious lifestyle,designer clothes,branded shoes etc and junk food eh???..Doesn’t go well … More Chick peas and kidney beans salad!!