Chick peas and kidney beans salad!!

The Salad!!

In Today’s world with, so much information available about food on the Internet, people are still not educated about food in India…People still drool over pizzas and pastries..

Healthy food is easily available everywhere, still we prefer to eat junk..We want a luxurious lifestyle,designer clothes,branded shoes etc and junk food eh???..Doesn’t go well together i say..When we can’t settle for junk living why settle for junk here i am trying out some healthy recipes in my Kitchen..Easy and quick to make and most importantly very healthy..

The ingredients are-

1)Chick peas-250gms

2)Kidney beans-250gms

3)Exotic vegetables(Red and yellow pepper-1 each,Broccoli-1 small size,Zucchini-1,Lettuce-half would do,Spring onion-2,Baby corn a few, Sweet corn-Half a bowl)



We need to soak the chick peas and the kidney beans overnight..Then we need to boil them on low flame for about 40mins(you can add one table spoon of salt while boiling)..The chick peas and the kidney beans would crack open a bit that means they are good to eat…


Now we need to chop the exotic vegetables finely..We need a nonstick pan,keep it on low flame,add about 1 table spoon of olive oil,now add all the veggies into it..Do not cook for more than 2 min,as we want the veggies to be crunchy..


Now mix these veggies with the chick peas and the kidney beans..You can add cucumber,olives,jalapenos as well…Add seasoning whichever you like,i prefer the pizza seasoning..And Voila the salad is done…You can compliment the salad with some salsa sauce or some hummus…



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