Brownie in a mug in a jiffy!!(Eggless)

Not much into cooking and need something sweet in 2 min, here is a recipe for you.

Things that you need are-

1)2tbsp of all-purpose flour.

2)2tbsp of vegetable oil.

3)2tbsp of cocoa powder.

4)Sugar to taste.

5)Pinch of salt.

6)Pinch of instant coffee powder.



And last but not the least a MUG 🙂


Add 2tbsp of oil in a mug,then add 2tbsp of cocoa powder and 2tbsp of all-purpose flour.


Add pinch of salt and instant coffee mix to it.Make a not so thick paste(smooth consistency) of it with water,keep beating till it gets a bit fluffy.Add some chcochips to it.


Put It in the microwave for 2min and its done 🙂 Add some more chocchips if you like,serve it hot with an ice cream for that extra zing.





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