Elaneer Souffle!!

Valentine’s Day is not far away and we thought of making something sweet for this loovey-doovey day.Easy and yum coconut pudding is quite famous in South India.I tried it and instantly fell in love with this dessert.When i thought of making something this is the first thing that came to my mind.

So here are the ingredients required to make this simple and sweet dish-

1)1 mug of milk.

2)Condensed milk-5 Tbsp

3)Gelatin or china grass or agar -agar

4)Tender coconut-(water-3/4th cup and pulp of 2 coconuts)




Heat the milk and condensed milk.In one mug of  milk add about 5 tbsp(you can add more if you like sweet) of condensed milk.Add sugar to taste since condensed milk is already sweet add little sugar around 2tbsp.IMG_5991

Mix the gelatin in hot water(half mug) so that it dissolves properly and no lumps are there.Use 2tbsp of gelatin.IMG_5996

Then add the gelatin to the milk.


Remove the pulp of the coconut and water in a blender.


Blend it well and add it to the milk and gelatin mixture.


Pour the mixture in a pan and keep it in the refrigerator for 2-4hrs.The yummy dessert is all set to be served.


Serve it  cold in the coconut shell or a bowl.





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