Brownie in a mug(with egg)

Did you try the Brownie in a mug(eggless)??I am sure you must have liked it.I tried the brownie in a mug with egg this time,it turned to be a bit better.It was fluffy and more tasty :).The time required is almost the same.Let’s get started with this one now.


1) 2 TBsp of all purpose flour

2)2 TBsp of Cocoa Powder

3)2 TBsp of vegetable oil

4)Pinch of salt

5)Egg-white of one egg

6)2 Tbsp of milk


8)2 TBsp of powdered sugar or sugarfree 4 spoons of the spoon you get with the sugarfree bottle.

9)2TBsp of water

And a Heart shaped  MUG 🙂 since it’s Valentine’s day Special.But the mug is not microwave safe so i am going to make it in a big mug and serve it in the heart shaped mug 🙂



Once you have all the ingredients,mix all the dry ingredients in the mug that are  2 Tbsp of all purpose flour,Cocoa Powder,2 TBsp of sugar and a pinch of salt together.


Mix them well and then add the wet ingredients that are 2TBsp of vegetable oil,2TBsp of milk,Egg-white and 2Tbsp of water.



Beat it well till the mixture gets a bit fluffy and see for the consistency(not too liquidy nor soild).Thrown in some chocochips.


If you have a microwave safe Heart shaped mug you can pour the mixture in that.


And it’s all set to go in the microwave for 3 min.


Take it out after 3 min.Put a knife in it if it comes out clear it’s done else you need to bake it for some more time.Mine was done in 3 min.


Serve it hot with some ice cream.:)







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