Pink Pot!!

Heylo Girls,I am back with some more pink..I thought of making something cute to keep my hair clips in place,they were just randomly kept in a drawer getting spoilt 😦 Well you can keep anything else if you want.It’s super cute and fun to make .Above all you do not need any extra skills to make this.

Things you will need are-

1)Earthen Pot(easily avaliable,design of your choice)

2)Fabric color(of your choice) and a brush


4)Lace(choose a color that goes well with the color that  you are going to use to paint the pot)

I wanted a pink pot so i got pink color(fabric color) and a white lace 🙂



Mix the color well whichever you want,i wanted light pink so mixed pink with a white.Then take a brush and start painting it.You do not have to be a painter to paint it, trust me,just make sure the color is even.



Allow it to dry and then go for a second coating.


When the color is dried completely put fevibond and glue the lace on the top.



Cut the lace and glue it firmly on top of the other corner of it and it’s done.Keep it in your bedroom to hold things and avoid the clutter 🙂




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