Peter-Pan Collar!!

Since,Peter-pan collar is a rage even i thought of getting a top.But when i saw the prices i was like Hmmmpphhh,just coz they added a lace to a plain top they charge a bomb for it.So i decided to make one for myself.All i needed was a plain top and lace.So i decided to give my pink top a makeover.I got some lace and a pearl.


So all you need to make this is an old plain top,lace,a pearl,needle,thread and fabric glue.


Take the lace and cut it into 2 halves.


Now the neck of the top is a bit curved so we need to curve the lace a bit too, so i gave tucks after every inch.Put the lace over the neck of the top and curve the lace and give tucks wherever needed so that it gets curved too.



Cut the end in a way to give it a shape of a collar and sew it.



Take the two halves of the lace sew them together in the centre.Keep the pearl in the centre and sew it at the centre too.


Put the glue all over the neck line of the top or you can sew it to.I prefered to glue it.


Glue it firmly and let it dry for half an hour.


And its ready.!!





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