A quirky-lacy thing for your Ballerina!!

Laces are a rage this season.Tops,dresses,spaghettis everything has lace on it..I love laces so i decided to add them to my plain blue ballerinas.These ballerinas were picked from HnM Dubai and I have experimented a lot with them.Here is my new experiment with one of my fav pair of shoes.

All you need is Lace(.5 metre),Ribbon(I used the same colour but you can go for colour block as well)1 meter,Fabric glue and Scissors.


Measure the circumference of the leg with the lace and cut the lace accordingly,the ribbon needs to be longer.Make a bow with the ribbon and cut the ribbon accordingly.


Apply glue over the lace.


Stick the lace over the ribbon in the centre.Make sure that the lace is in the centre coz you need to tie the lace at the back of your leg.



Now tie it around your leg,make a nice bow of the ribbon and flaunt.





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