Homemade Paneer Burji!!

I prefer making paneer(cottage cheese) at home.It’s very simple and hardly takes any time.

All you need is 1 litre  of milk(I use low-fat),lime juice or curd.



Boil the milk then add 1 tablespoon of lime juice.The milk solids start curdling, and cheese separates from whey. If the two are not split completely add two or more tablespoons of curd till they seperate completely.Keep stirring it.


When it looks like this(pic above),switch off the gas and strain it.Since I am making burji,I don’t need big chunks.So I simply drain  the water  using a spoon and a strainer.


That’s how the whole of it is collected.You can use the cottage cheese for making sandwiches or add in your salads.The fresh cottage cheese tastes amazing in salads and sandwiches,would be sharing the recipe soon of some salad and sandwiches.


Do not throw away the whey.Now things you need for burji are 1 chopped onion,finely chopped garlic,1 chopped tomato,sabji masala and salt to taste.


Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a pan.Add garlic and chopped onion.When the onion turn translucent add the chopped tomato.


Let the tomato leave the water completely and then add Sabji masala and the paneer.


Add salt to taste and it is ready.Nothing can beat the freshness of a homemade Paneer.It’s been ages since I bought a packet of paneer.It’s rich in proteins and fat-free as I used low-fat milk.

Use the whey to dough the wheat flour.


Enjoy the Burji with rotis 🙂





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