A crafty afternoon!!

Last sunday I attended an exhibition   by a talented bunch of people – crafters,painters,artistes..My eyes were wide open in surprise as I moved from one stall to the other.I relaised I had a smile on throughout the exhibition with joy, seeing so many cute little things so much talent at one place.

The moment I entered I knew this place I knew  was going to be fun,the first stall by Adeela had colorful kettles,glasses,trays.The stall was so colorful and vibrant one couldn’t help noticing it from far too.She paints the stuff with vibrant colours,they looked too pretty.In their own words” Madras Mambalam is a fun, quirky and kitsch brand that makes your world a brighter, happier place! ” You can check out their site at http://www.yellowtrunk.com/designer/madras-mambalam. It was the first stall and I was so awestruck i forgot to take pictures :(.

Moving on  to the next stall,it  had stuff made out of paper.From lovey-dovey cards to cute picture frames,Bookmarks and earrings,all made out of paper.The girls makes a simple piece of paper look so beautiful.Her work is very neat and beautiful.Check out her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Paper-Kraft/156095027814294



The next stall had these amazing engravings on glasswares.She had given so much life to all the plain glasswares.Really cool stuff. The link to her Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/vidyartycreations?fref=ts


This was my fav stall,the girl makes such cool stuff out of clay. From handcrafted jewelery to key chains, fridge magnets and miniatures( pizzas,dosas,cakes) all made out of clay.Well I couldn’t help picking up one.She conducts workshops too and I am just waiting to attend one of her workshops.Have a look at her website http://www.itsaclaything.in . The stall had some hand painted bottles as well.Next on my DIY list.As soon as that ketchup gets over.

IMG_1444 These are all fridge magnets.The missing red angry bird in the picture above is on my fridge now :).



The White Box again had some colorful stuff.The hand behind The White Box is Vineetha Naval.All the stuff made is eco-friendly.Loved the bottles.Her facebook page link https://www.facebook.com/TheWhiteBox.Vinee


The last stall  but certainly not the least had cute girly stuff made out of Crochet.Earings,booties and funky foot accessories.Pretty stuff made from thread.Her facebook link https://www.facebook.com/pages/Crochet-Corner/138015089603862?fref=ts


Some pictures taken at other stalls



I had an amazing time admiring all the stuff.Learnt a lot in an afternoon.Hats off to the lovely ladies.Keep up the good work.



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