Colored Wooden Spatulas!!

We all have those boring spatulas in our kitchen,don’t we??Ever thought they could be  lovely with just a splash of colors on them.Well the good news is they can.So girls it’s time to give those boring brown spatulas a makeover.Yes I am back with a simple DIY,enough of those recipes right :P.Pick up those colors and brushes and get on to it.

Things you need-Wooden spatulas,acrylic colors and brush.


You can choose the colors you like.I went for some lively colors.I did  some hearts and stripes.Keep it simple and classy.You don’t want to overdo it.


Go for 2 coats so that the wood doesn’t show.Once you are done with the first coat allow it to dry off and then go in for the second one.


Pink has to be there 😛


Don’t they look lovely? 🙂

I love these local jars which you get for storing pickles,they kinda look vintage to me so I picked up one. Since I am not much into pickles , I added some pink to it and am using it as a spoon holder,you can use it the way you like.


Have fun painting those spatulas and I would be back with something interesting soon.



5 thoughts on “Colored Wooden Spatulas!!

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