MAC-Mineralize rich lipstick!

After trying out all the shades of pink of CHANEL I ended up again picking up one from MAC.I was looking for something in Pink this time around  for this summer.So here’s my new Lipcolor from MAC-Elegant Accent a medium warm rose cream.

IMG_5467MAC introduced recently a new range of Lipsticks called Mineralize Rich Lipsticks.It is enhanced  with 77-Mineral Moist complex for nutrient-rich moisture. It comes in 12 shades. These are priced at 1500INR and weigh 3.5gm.These are bigger than the regular MAC lipsticks and a tad expensive also.

IMG_5471The new lipstick comes in a bigger bullet with a magnetic cap.The shape is different as well,looks chic to me.It’s all black which makes it classier than the regular ones.


There is a click when you put the cap so you know that it’s closed properly..For girls like me who are not sure whether the cap is in place or not,the magnetic cap comes as a bliss.They could have tried carving MAC on the lipstick as well,loved the CHANEL carved on CHANEL’s lipcolors. The application is easy as it’s slightly bigger so you are done in a single stroke.It’s definitely more moist.I loved the Impassioned PINK(suggested by a friend) as well but settled for this just cause of the moistness and softness it gave.The combination of these two(Impassioned and Elegant accent)  was mind blowing,so I know what my next purchase is going to be 🙂


The lightweight color just glides on your lips and gives you a radiant look.It stays for 3-4hours.The mineral moist formula gives lasting hydration and is sure going to be a hit with girls with dry lips.

I am not sure now whether I would be able to go back to the regular MAC lipsticks.


Agreed it is more expensive but it’s bigger also and looks classier.Thumbs up to the new range.




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