May Vellvette Box!!

I subscribed for the May Vellvette Box and received it yesterday.This happens to be my first Vellvette box too.For girls who do not know about Vellvette- It sends you  3 or  more(depends on offers and contests) luxury product samples (and sometimes even full size products) every month for Rs. 399(free shipping).You need to subscribe on their site in the beginning of the month and recieve it at the end of the month.It’s a surprise that you won’t know until it reaches you.


I was excited and waiting for my first Vellvette box until I saw on their  Facebook page 😛  Some girls had already got their box and posted pictures 😛 So,I pretty much had an idea when I got the box.

Here is what I got-Lip balm,lipstick and Shampoo and conditioner  from brands I have never heard of..

  • Brocato Curlinterrupted Smoothing and Hydrating treatment Kit
  • Flormar Deluxe Shine Gloss Lipstick-D35 Vermillion
  •  Figs & Rouge Aloe and Mint Balm


The packing was good.Bubble wrapped and shipped with Blue dart.The black box is sturdy and can be used for storing earrings etc. The box had a ribbon around it :).The products were nicely covered in a white paper. This month’s theme was organic so they had these petals thrown in the box and all the prodcuts are organic.

Figs & Rouge Aloe vera and Mint Balm full-sized product-It is a multipurpose balm and is 100% organic.It comes in a small tin with the information on it’s back.It was difficult to open the balm when I received it as it had melted due to the heat and balm was oozing out of it,making the tin slippery as I tried to open it.I am glad it did not spill all over the place,it was about to 😦 It reminded me of vaseline when I applied it apart from the minty taste.I kind of did not like it on my lips, made it too greasy for my liking in the summers.


It can be good for winters or those with really dry lips.I liked it when applied on the dry areas like my feet.It is priced at 695INR for 17ml.Not sure if I would buy it,I am not much of a lip balm person.


Flormar deluxe shine gloss Lipstick-Lipstick looked cute.It happens to  be a nice red color but I recently picked up almost a same color from MAC ( ) It is enriched with the goodness of nature(argan oil,Vit E,Omega 6 and Cacao Butter).It tastes a bit fruity.To me it seems more like a gloss.Gives shiny lips not much of color 😦 It is priced at 700INR for 3g.


Brocato Curlinterrupted smoothing and hydrating treament kit(Shampoo and conditioner)It’s a 100%surfactant-free,sulphate-free and parabens-free shampoo,made in USA.It claims to soften curly,coarse or frizzy hair and I do not have any of it.Since it is free of chemicals you can use it everyday in the humid summers.I used it today and kind of liked it 🙂


The shampoo lathers less as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free shampoos don’t lather much.The conditioner took a bit of time to come off.I might like to buy it again :)I am not sure about the availability though.Its is priced at 1275INR for Shampoo(300ml) and Conditioner(150ml),a bit pricey.

I am satisfied with my box.Think will order the June box too and wait for the surprises 🙂




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