Toothpick Holder-DIY

The toothpicks I recently picked up came in a very sad holder,I knew I had to do something about it.I made a toothpick holder which is pretty and easy to make.

All you need is-A small jar(the size of the toothpicks),laces and fevibond.

IMG_5689 I had picked up this pink fabric tape in Tokyo.I used the fabric tape  to cover the middle of the jar and another lace for the top.


Hold the tape tight so that you stick it right.Then glue the other lace to cover the top.


I crisscrossed the lace instead of gluing it all up.


Add a small flower made of felt with a stone in the middle.You can add  pearl or bow or anytthing that you like.And it is done 🙂 The holder is ready.


Coming to the the toothpicks,they needed a makeover too 😛  Glue  some bows and pretty hearts on the top of the toothpick.Now ,I got these cute hearts and bows all in a kit picked up  from Hobby Ideas in Mumbai but I am sure one can make them at home too.You can cut colored paper in different shapes and stick them on the toothpick.Serve sandwiches,bagels etc with these toothpicks on to your guests and family.They would love it!!


My toothpicks and the holder look pretty now.Hope you liked this easy DIY.Have fun decorating those toothpicks 🙂



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