Palak Panner!!

I always enjoyed the Palak Paneer served in restaurants and of course the one made by my mum but never had the courage to try all by myself.I have been trying a lot of recipes which have cottage cheese,So I gathered all my courage and took the plunge.I always thought the recipe would be a very complicated one but surprisingly it is one of the simplest recipe.The ingredients are very basic and readily available in an Indian kitchen.

The ingredients used are-2 bunch of spinach, 1 cup of cottage cheese cubes,chopped onion 1 small,curd 4 spoons,green chilli,a handful of garlic finely chopped,coriander powder 1 spoon,Turmeric powder a pinch, Jeera(cumin),salt to taste and 2 spoons of vegetable oil.

Remove the leaves of the spinach and clean it(throw the stems).Put the clean spinach in a big pan and cover it water and keep it on the flame for 5 min,when the water starts to boil take it off the flame.Allow it to cool and then make a paste of the spinach.


In a pan,heat 2 spoons of vegetable oil and add chopped or sliced onion.Add garlic and cumin when the onion turns translucent.I like my palak paneer to be a bit garlicy so I add a generous amount of garlic,crushing the garlic gets the flavour of garlic out even more.The garlic which I get are not really that strong so I need to add extra.Add according to your taste.If you want your gravy to be a bit spicy add green chilli to it.IMG_4857When the jeera turns brown add dhaniya powder and turmeric to it.Cook for 2 min and add curd to it,cook it for another 2 min.IMG_4861

Now add the palak paste and salt to taste to it,just cook for 2-3min else you would lose the beautiful green colour of the spinach.ISince spinach already has sodium,add only a small amount of salt.n the end add the paneer cubes and your palak paneer is ready.Enjoy it with hot phulkas.

This is the simplest and the tastiest dish made by me.It tasted just like palak paneer of any restaurant.I was amazed by myself and now this is made on a regular basis in my kitchen.


Spinach being a good source of Vit A , C and iron,rich in fibre as well,should be incorporated  in our diet.This  recipe is one of the tastiest and healthiest option of using spinach.Use olive oil and home-made paneer and you have the healthiest recipe of all time.

Some tips for a perfect palak paneer-Do not overcook the palak,remove the stems and do not burn the cumin.I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did 🙂




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