Nail Buffer-Sephora

Nail Buffing is the act of polishing the nail using buffers to make the nails shinier.It has to be done with buffing cream or oil but lot of brands have come up with buffer that are self-sufficient and fuss free.The buffer is a big rectangular block which looks likes a big eraser.The SA at Seacret did a demo on my nails and I was pretty happy with the buffer but the Seacret one looked a bit fussy,you had to use some oil and cream etc.I have hardly filed my nails in my whole life so, an easy to use buffer was what I needed.


I was quite amazed to see my nails shinning even after a week.So there began my hunt for a nail buffer which was easy to use,searched in quite a lot of stores,din’t get what I was looking for.I started searching online and came across this beautiful and multicoloured nail buffer by Sephora.It looked pretty was easy to use and handy.Sigh,It was not available in Indian stores :(.But lucky me, a friend was visiting India from The US of A and  I  asked her to get one of these for me.


What does a nail buffer actually do??Well,the  nail buffer  makes your nails smoother by buffing off the outer layer of the nail.There are 4 sides and each is labeled with the steps,telling you the order to use it. Just rub the block over your nails and you would be amazed to see the results.The biggest plus point is it’s all in one buffer,4 tools in a single buffer,you don’t need a separate filer or any other tool for this.It’s feather light in weight and the shine lasts for about 4-5 days.


How to use-Each numbered side of the buffer indicates the order in which it should be used, starting with a file and ending with a shine:
1. File
2. Buff
3. Polish
4. Shine


Priced at $5 it’s a great deal.The buffer surface does wear off every time you use,so it won’t last that long.It’s easy to carry and simple to use and that makes it a hit with me.Carry it in your purse girls  and make your nails shine in no time.Happy Nail Buffering 🙂





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