Chambor-Lip gloss and Liner!!

Recently I realised all my Lipglosses are old and need to be thrown and replaced.I am not a big fan of glosses as they are sticky and feel heavy and I am not comfortable with that feeling on the lips.I was looking for a gloss which is subtle and not that shimmery.I quite liked the Maybelline’s new range but thought of trying a few more before settling for one.And I happened to try the Chambor’s Glitzy gloss,the moment the SA started applying I got a feeling this had to be good,it did not feel sticky and it makes the lips looks so full unlike other glosses where you have to apply coats for a fuller look.

Here’s my Chambor Glitzt Gloss 644,I did not have to give a second thought for this 🙂


CHAMBOR CLAIMS: – Chambor has always understood women’s needs & has celebrated every aspect of Womanhood. Chambor is celebrating this Festive Season by introducing sparkling Glitzy Gloss with its two new series: Intense & Twilight which gives the lips a lush glamorous & sparkling radiance.
As the name suggests Glitzy Intense gives you a finish made of pure solid color.

  • Super shine Gloss with Intense color to brighten up your lips
  • Luscious, Moisturizing, restores suppleness
  • Non Sticky, Super Gliding
  • Adherent & long-lasting
  • Antioxidant, Anti-ageing – with sunscreen

 IMG_6308The gloss gives an intense pigmentation with no shimmer at all.  A single swipe and you are good to go.It gives the lips complete coverage in a single swipe.It has a special additive “Jojoba Oil” – which is considered one of the finest cosmetic ingredient with anti-aging and skin conditioning properties.It keeps the lip well moisturised and doesn’t make it dry.Apply with a lip liner and it completes the look.This colour suited my skin tone so I went for this one but I loved few others too,the collection is great.It lasted for about 3 hrs which is quite good,no gloss lasts that long for me.


The lip gloss comes in a sleek and compact tube of  plastic.There is a steel finished rim over the mouth of the tube. The applicator is the sponge tip applicator which is sturdy and won’t come off :P.Priced at 655INR for 6.5ml.

I also bought a Lipliner,it went quite well with the Lipgloss so I was like why not :P.


Chambor Velvette touch lip pencil-it comes in 8 shades. They look quite classy  with the embossed criss-cross design .The lipliner have been given codes BR- shades of brown, PK – shades of pink. RD – shades of red.I got the  RD 22 considering it would go well with lot of my shades.


It is very smooth and easy to apply,gives a nice shape. It is water proof which makes it long lasting.It lasts for 4-5hrs.It contains conditioning additives such as vitamin E, Carnauba and Candellila which moisturize and protect the lips.

Make sure the tip is softly rounded for a perfect shape. Keep your strokes soft with no sharp edges. Priced at INR 395 for 1.14g.


I would definitely buy it again and recommend to friends.



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