Maybelline-Colossal kajal and Volum’Express Hyper Curl Mascara!!

I stopped using kajal long back.I had tried almost all smudge free kajal but all gave me Panda eyes,pssstttt.Furstated,I stopped using kajal altogether.But the love for kajal with eyes made me always try all the new kajals in the town.Since,everyone was raving about the colossal kajal I was tempted to try it ,I needed a push and got one at a party when all the ladies unanimously recommended this one.Thanks to the ladies I bought this one.


I like the taxi look Yellow pencil with Colossal Kajal written in Black color,it looks quite funky and vibrant.The kajal comes in a yellow plastic pen and it needs no sharpener.The  twist up pencils are easier to carry around and fuss free.The plastic is sturdy.

The application was very simple and smooth.It gives an intense black pigmentation on double application.My eyes get watery on kajal application but this did not irritate my eyes at all even on 2nd application 🙂 plus points for that.It gives a matte finish no shimmer.I used it as an eyeliner as well on my lashes and the result was pretty good,no smudge at all.The kajal stays for about 3-4 hrs and the best part is,it is totally SMUDGE-FREE!!It just fades away but will not smudge and  make your eyes black.


Thanks to it I have got my eyes with kajal look back again,with no fear of smudging.Definitely recommended for girls who want a smudge free kajal.Priced at 175INR it’s totally worth every penny.Go for it girls 🙂

Very impressed with the kajal,I picked up a Mascara also 🙂 Volum’Express Hyper Curl Mascara comes in 2 variants waterproof and easy wash.I picked the easy wash as removing the waterproof mascara gets a bit fussy and tiresome.The easy wash comes in a black plastic tube with description in pink color.Loved the packaging and fell for it.Maybelline is doing quite well with the packaging,love the colors they are using.Anyways I once again fell for their product coz of the looks.


The brush does not make the lashes clump together,thumbs up for that.The wand is curved which helps to curl the eyelashes and small bristles give the even look. It’s waterproof and did not give me the panda eyes :).It feels light on the eyes and does hold the curls for about 8 hrs without flaking.Light and easy to carry around,it is always in my bag now 🙂

How to apply- Move brush upwards from root to tip to plump individual lashes and achieve dramatic volume. Continue applying to lashes until you reach your desired look. Do not let it dry between coats. Repeat for lower lash line.

Well,the mascara claims to give you hyper curl and volume but it doesn’t give that much volume and curl.This mascara is good to be used on a daily basis and not for parties.If you are looking for a natural look and not too much drama,this is the right mascara.Priced at 200INR,it is value for money.


My eyes are loving this kajal and mascara duo :).Definitely recommended for girls who do not want  Panda eyes 😛




One thought on “Maybelline-Colossal kajal and Volum’Express Hyper Curl Mascara!!

  1. i really aiming for right mascara , i used lakme which i didn’t like somehow 😦 i hope it works for me , btw hi from a fellow blogger 🙂 i do nailart !

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