Chambor Metallic Eyeshadow Jewel #1

I was looking out for a gloss and happened to find this product.The SA gave me a full makeover and this was one of the products she used.It was super smooth and I fell for it.It gave a nice golden shimmer which I totally loved.


The Crayon comes in 2 shades.

Jewel#1 –  Metallic copper with golden shimmer  perfect for ethnic wear.
Jewel#2 – Mauvish Pink with silvery shimmer.

I went for the copper one.It gave a very classy look and went well with my skin tone.

Chambor Claims-

Product Details-Chambor Jewel Metallic Eye Shadow Crayon are wearable and would definitely suit all skin tones. The coppery brown would be great for dusky beauties! Line it up with a black eyeliner and mascara for dazzling and beautiful eyes.

Texture :
The texture is super smooth like a cream finish. The crayon just glides smoothly on the lids without any tugging. It can be smudged or blended easily with a brush or fingers. The color pigmentation is worthy to be mentioned.


It comes in a form of a pencil in a  plastic case, same as the color of the eye shadow. Eye shadow in a form of pencil makes it travel friendly.  The tip is quite fat which makes it a bit difficult to sharpen.Chambor has sharpeners which are perfect for this crayon so sharpening would not be a problem if you have them.The formula is amazing.

The crayon just glides on the eye shadows.It is so light on the eyes that you would forget that you are even wearing it.It gives a cream to powder finish.You can smudge it with your fingers or a brush.It gives a nice copper colour with  gold shimmer.It is smudgeproof and waterproof.And the best part is it stays for a long long time.It would stay for as long as 12hrs without smudging which is unbelievable but true.It goes amazingly well with the Indian skin tone.One application is enough for a good pigmentation.The pigmentation and the staying power are definitely the key factors of this crayon.

IMG_6350Price- 545 INR for 1.6 grams

Perfect for carrying around,tad expensive but the product is superb.The smoothness and the color are the 2 things,I loved the most.It feels very light which is a very important factor for girls like me who are not comfortable with the constant feeling of something heavy on their face.


The product gets a thumbs up from me 🙂 !!





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