MAX Factor Lipfinity Colour & Gloss-520

My quest for a long-lasting lip colour lead me to the MAX factor’s lipfinity.This 2 in 1 Lip colour and gloss is a must have.As the name suggests Lipfinity,it does last for a very long time.I picked the colour 520 illuminating fuchsia.


MAX factor claims-Lipfinity Colour & Gloss Lip Gloss with multi-dimensional shine for lustrous lips that last up to 10 hours.

  • Creates a 3D high-light and low-light effect.
  • One rich colour base and one glossy top coat.
  • Long-lasting colour for up to 10 hours.
  • Used by top catwalk make-up artists!

It comes in 7 shades.


The packaging is brilliant with the colour and the gloss on the sides.The middle part has the sticks coming out of it for application  and holds both the tubes.Very travel friendly.The colour i picked is pink and the gloss has slight simmer to it which adds the drama and highlights the lips.

The first step is to add color to your lips, it gives a vibrant color and good pigmentation that will last on your lips for hours with matte finish.This does not give the opaque look in one swipe and makes your lips tad dry.You can use a lip balm if you do not wish to use the gloss.The second step  is to add the gloss which gives yours lips the shimmery effect and completes the look.The gloss cover the lips fully and gives the opaque look.I love the effect the gloss gives,very chic.The colour did not give my face a washed out look 🙂 which a lot of light pinks usually seem to give me 😦

The lasting power is pretty good more than any of my lip colours or glosses.It would last for more than 6 hours with meals.It is non transferrable.It does not leave the lip marks on coffee mugs 😛 It does not come off for hours but when it does it comes off in patches which can be avoided if you apply the gloss once in between the day.


Priced at 520INR it’s quite a product.This colour is good for dailywear.Well,I seem to love the colour and the lasting power and the fact that it does not transfer.


The shade goes well with Indian skin tone.A very good option for day wear.


If you are looking for a reasonably priced gloss that would last for hours together,this is the right choice.You would definitely not regret owning one of these Lipfinity 🙂



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