Bread pudding in a bowl!!

Here is another 5 min dessert recipe.Don’t know what to do with a slice of bread left.You could turn this slice in an amazing dessert.

Ingredients-A microwave safe bowl,a slice of bread,1 egg,handful of Choco chips,butter,2 tbsp of sugar and  2 tbsp of milk.

IMG_6727Spread butter over the bread generously and cut the bread into small square pieces.


Beat the egg with sugar and milk.

IMG_6733Butter the bowl so that the bread does not stick to it,then add the bread and the Choco chips.

IMG_6735Pour the mixture over the bread.Make sure the mixture is eveny poured.

IMG_6739Microwave for about 2 minutes.


Allow it to cool down for sometime.Enjoy it with some ice cream and nuts on top.



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