Banarasi Red lehenga!!

Heylo friends,

I am back with yet another lehenga post.Another friend’s wedding and another excuse to wear something traditional and get creative.In my last post about lehenga I had mentioned  about my moms banarasi saree.So it was the right time to put it to some use.The saree is red and is from Varanasi.Banarasi sarees are inspired by mughal designs such as intricate floral and foliate motifs.These silk sarees are the most sought after ones .They are famous for the brocade or zari and embriodery.My mom says they used to use real silver and gold for the zari back in old days.And when the saree used to get old,man used to melt and remove the silver from the saree.


Even after decades the saree looks so beautiful,my mom had used it enough without taking much care of it.So the zari at some places has gone bad.Nevertheless it was not impossible to get a lehenga made out of it.The tailor nodded in agrrement and it was given for stiching.The border was used to make the belt of the lehenga.I went for the same blouse which I had made for my previous lehenga,though another blouse is in the making,will update once it’s done.So for this wedding I went for this combination.Since it was a south indian wedding,I went for a silk duppatta instead of a net or chiffon one.After a lot of brainstorming I settled for the blue colour for the chunni,velvet kind of changes shades so it was very difficult to choose the shade.Lot of trials made me go for this shade of blue.I used  a red and golden lace for the duppata.


Some blue tassels were thrown in over the red lehenga.They stood out and made a quite pretty contrasting pair.

IMG_8152-2I did not want anything over the top,I wanted it to be as simple and elegant as possible.So did not use much of lace or anything.The other combination is going to be slightly more grand.


Paired with some blue and golden jewellery.


SInce it was a south Indian wedding.I was asked to drape it like a half saree,I am always up for some expermintation and it sounded quite exciting as well.So with a helping hand it was draped and it looked lovely.


I hope you loved this one,keep watching this space as the other combination is in the making and would be up soon.



4 thoughts on “Banarasi Red lehenga!!

  1. Hi Ila I think it’s a beautiful job. I’m trying to do something similar for my niece for a wedding but have had a hard time finding tailors willing to stitch a lehenga. Can you recommend yours? Pls ping me at if you aren’t willing to share it online.
    Help will be much appreciated. Thanks. Ritu

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