Baking delight!!

Have you ever baked in your life,if not you have to try it trust me.Baking is an art and an addiction.The sheer sight of watching the dough fluff up and turn golden is such a delight.You would jump with excitement the first time you see your bread turn golden :).The aroma fills up the whole house.Each bite of these freshly baked savouries take you into a different world.

Never baked in my life and tempted to bake my own bread, I started off by attending a baking workshop.The workshop was done by an expert ,Sara koshy,whose brownies just melt in your mouth and the breads are to die for.

We were taught mushroom rolls,Cheese buns,Pizza spirals and Apple strips.

There is an art to knead the dough.If you get the dough right,the result is going to be perfect.So we started of by kneading the dough.Once you get the dough right you can do wonders with a simple dough,make buns,rolls etc.

The dough for all 4  were ready as it takes time for the dough to rise.So she had prepared the dough for all of these and set for rising.Lets start off with the cheese buns.DIvede the dough into equal parts.You just don’t make a ball of the dough like you do chappatis,you got to roll them in a particular manner.Take the dough in your palms,hold them  and fold it inside and make a ball.Roll it out in a shape of a small circle and add cheese cubes,you can add chicken sausages also or anything you like.Fold the ends together.Make sure the ends are sealed properly,use water on the linings for sealing.

Edited5Place them on a baking sheet.And then are ready to go into the oven.Oven preated,bake it for ten min,keep an eye on  these as they bake pretty fast.

IMG_8860-2Next up was mushroom rolls.Dough was divided again into equal points and each part was made into a strip and then made into a figure of 8.


It was then topped with some mushroom mix,cheese and some ketchup.In it went for baking and it was mush tastier then it looks.


The next thing that went into the oven was apple strips.These were a delight to the eyes.They wer shiny and golden.Make a ball again and make a rectangle out of it with the help of a roller.Add cold  green apple mixture with raisins at one end.


Make strips with the help of  a pizza cutter.Roll it over and seal it.Brush it with some egg for that shine.

IMG_8756-2They looked so beautiful we could not take our eyes off them.

IMG_8812-2The last one was the pizza spirals,they were amazing and everyone’s favourite.You take the whole dough and make a big pizza base.Spread the sauce,top it with some mushroom,capsicum and generous amount of cheese.


Roll it over and cut horizontally into equal parts.they were kept really close so we could pull them apart.So they are called pull apart pizza spirals 🙂 .


The dough was different for each of these savories.The kneading technique is the same although the proportions of gluten,oil,butter is different.Dust the surface with some all-purpose flour every time you make a base to avoid sticking.Butter you baking sheet to avoid sticking.

It was such a pleasure baking,you can’t help but get addicted to baking.

Here is my set of stuff baked savouries.


Happy baking all,



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