DIY curtain!!

I am back with an interesting DIY this time inspired by block printing. I was looking around for some new curtains, of course a bit colorful and lively ,and I couldn’t  find anywhere.Since neon is so in these days I was looking for something on those lines.When I couldn’t find what I was looking, I decided to make them on my own.

Material required-All you need is fabric,I wanted my print to stand out so I went for white,some fabric colors ,wooden block printing stamp and a sponge.It would be difficult to print on silk so preferably go for cotton fabric.You can customize the wooden block stamps,get your own made and print it on the fabric.


Spread the color over the wooden block with the help of the sponge,make sure there is no extra color on the wooden block. I did not want a very neat print,too neat looks too boring,so I did not care much about that.

IMG_9832-2Press the block firmly over the fabric.And there you have an awesome block print.I overprinted 2 colors as well.Overprinting gives you another color and looks cool too.

IMG_9824-2It was so much fun,never knew block printing could be so fun.Allow it to dry off and then stitch at both ends.Here is my new curtain 🙂

IMG_9993-2 Play around with prints and colors.Go bizarre and make your own curtains.


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