Manipal Diaries!!

Vivid memories of KMC,Mangalore!!

1)The first impression-Amazing campus with apron clad boys and girls all over.You already feel like a doc here.

2)The jhataka-There are 2 campuses and you are going to be in the Mangalore campus and not the Manipal one.

3)The first question that you ask-Is there any way, you can get a transfer to Manipal?

4)The rooms are not the kinds that you imagined neither the mess food.But you miss all of that now.

5)Salwar suit/formals are compulsory in this part of the world.It is not  that glamorous as it looks.

6)You fall in love with you roommate and the new friends you make and end up fighting with them eventually.You would not want the same person to be your roommate ever again.

7)Apron is your only dress.No matter how pretty your dress is,it is going to be hidden under that huge apron.So eventually you come terms with the fact that this is your only dress and you get comfortable with the apron so much that you wear that to restaurants,movies,shops,malls.. almost everywhere and anywhere you go.

8)Biharis and Punjabis form like 80% of the population here.So much so you can call MAHE as BAHE(Bihar Academy of Higher Education).

9)Mess food can get bad at times that you might end up eating all your meals out.It is not bad as other hostels though.The chapatis were weird but the dosas,the special lunches and the dinners with ice creams/sweet dishes, ice cream pastry ahhhh miss all of that.

10)The most common question in the hostel-What’s in the mess??

11)Everyone has a love story or may be more than one.

12)All days are full of drama-from new links to break ups,from classes to professors,from patients to hospitals,

13)Everyone has that one friend with whom you have a love-hate relationship.You are best friends,then you fight and bitch,and get back together in the end and stay friends forever.

14)Running at midnight to get that last coffee/dairy milk/chai and parle g.

15)Late night room chats-bitching,pulling each other legs all goes inside that small room only to miss the breakfast next morning/ have the breakfast  and then go to sleep.

16)Coffee breaks at times last longer than classes.UMC posting and the 8th floor coffee shop-bliss.

17)Running around in the 1st year in excitement for books,bone set,the stethoscope,apron.

18)You make friends for life here.

19)Food plays a very important part here.Hao ming,ghee roast,dosa camp,Dino’s,shawarma,pabbas,bonda etc.Life would be incomplete without these here.

20)Monsoon and universities do not go hand in hand.It is the most amazing time of the year and we study,sigh!!!!

21)Shouting holiday,we shout and we get.Not always though.

22)Diwali party and Ganesh chathurthi celebrations-Dancing and head banging to some hard rock,yeah,it happens only here.

23)The 4 days long celebration-Practicing,participating,performing,fighting,checking out the freshers,cheering for your team etc…These 4 days are full of so much drama, like any hindi movie.

24)There would be people who would keep a track of every penny they spend on you and then there would be friends with whom you would share the same account(with no track of any penny-jo tera hai woh mera hai,jo mera hai toh tera types).

25)Manipal is in Karnataka and not north-east.People please refer you Geography books(which obviously you did not study properly) or a Map of India.It is so annoying to be asked this stupid question.

26)Another annoying one-KMC Bangalore????KMC Mangalore,It’s Mangalore,M not B.You heard that right.Duhhhhh….


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