For the love of Jhumkas!!

Love for earrings is eternal.The moment you see that beautiful piece of jewellery,it takes you to the wonderland,the joy of owning that piece and flaunting it :), you cannot resist trying it and then of course buying it.My love for jhumkas began a long time back.It was an oxidised silver jhumka I instantly fell in love(I never believed in love at first sight untill this day) with and then had the pride of owning it,there has been no looking back since then.

Jhumkas are timeless and they would never go out of fashion.It completes that saree and suit you are going to wear for a party.Loved by all the ages.Every woman atleast owns a pair of these.

There are many types of jhumkas and I love all of them. Jhumkas are basically  bell-shaped chandelier earings.Tiny droplets of pearl,silver or gold hang all over the bell.

Well there are the traditional gold jhumkas.These come in a lot of designs and layers too.

The classic gold jhumka

The Meenakari Jhumkas- Meenakari is the art of coloring and ornamenting the surface of metals with  colors that are decorated in an intricate design. The Mughals invented the art of meenawork metal-craft and it was popular with both the Mughals and the Hindu princes of Rajasthan where it was used for creating precious objects and enriching jewellery.

Double layered meenakari jhumka

The word Meena stands for enamel and the work ‘kari’ is the art. Glass and other colored stones are crushed into very fine powder and prepared for enameling.


The silver oxidised one-They are quite popular in Gujarat and young girls.They compliment the salwar suit look very well.They can be worn to work as they do are not that flashy.

The South Indian Jhumkas-The Jhumkas ends with tiny pearls instead of a bell.They mostly come in red and green.Lately temple jewellery has been quite in fashion and these jhumkas are a part of it.


Hoop Jhumkas-These jhumkas are with a hoop earring.It gives a very contemporary look to the earring.A big hoop earring with a bell makes you stand out from the crowd.


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