Egg white and Oats omelette

This recipe is full of nutrition and tastes surprisingly amazing.I was skeptical about the idea of using oats initially but it turned out to be better than the normal omelette.

What i used-

10 egg whites,handful of red and yellow bell pepper,small bowl of instant oats,onion, dried herbs,paprika,olive oil and salt to taste.


Sautee the veggies in a pan,do not make them soft.Add dried herbs,paprika and mix them all well.


Beat the egg whites with oats and salt.Spread it out evenly over the pan.


Let it cook on low flame and flip it over after 5 min.Cook the other side  for another few mins till it is well cooked.


Serve with whole wheat bread and enjoy a very healthy meal.It could be the best thing to have in the mornings.



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