Fusion dressing!!






Experimenting and creating your own style is what is fusion all about.I have these colorful pants and always  wanted to try something different than the usual mundane look.Recently I got this boho top from Global desi,which is full of colours and has a bit of yellow in it.The top would go well with denim and skirts well too but I wanted to try something more vibrant and bizarre.

And thus began my quest to create an offbeat look.Under the piles of clothes ,I found this striking yellow pants,I knew this would be the right companion of my bright and vivid top.To make it more colorful I wore mojris and an accessorize bag.The mojris were picked from Jaipur and are rich with colors.The bag with neon colors gave the outfit an edge.I am going to try the look with a boho bag too.

The hand made bangles completed this fusion look.The whole look is a riot of colors.I love colors and wearing such colorful dresses just uplifts your mood.Just waiting for summers to try few more fusion,colorful and summery looks.


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