Gota patti craze!!

The gota patti craze is on and has made me the owner of a beautiful saree and anarkali.Well the saree is a gift but i was asked what work do i like and gota patti was the prompt reply.
 The saree does not have typical gota patti work but it has been used in a very contemporary manner which i totally love.



The anarkali has the typical gota patti work but the  noodle straps give it a vey modern look.

It can be worn both as a kurti as well as dress.

IMG_8324I picked up a few gota tikkis a well as gota :).I do not know as of now where I will use them but i am definitely going to make some good use of them.These bring back so many childhood memories,my mom’s lachas and chunnis had these.I had bought these for my mom as a kid way back and never imagined these would be back in fashion and one day i will be picking up gota for myself :P.






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