Forever 21 haul…


Forever 21 has become the fav brand of girls in Delhi and Bombay. Sadly it’s not open in all the parts of India. The brand houses some of the hottest trends and the price is quite reasonable.

I picked up a lot of stuff from forever 21 Tokyo and I make it a point  to pick up stuff from f21 if I am travelling to some other country. At times the stuff differs and I just get lucky .

The elephant printed top looks damn cute.

Picked a crop top and a dress too.Will do a blog on crop top soon, they are a quite a rage these days.The flounce neon top has a super soft fabric and is perfect for summers.
I have been eyeing these tribal print shorts since finally got my hands on these.I was sure they would never be available in India,but here they are part of my haul :).
Picked up a striped skirt and a striped dress.
Jewellery and sunnies of f21 are a major hit.Picked up a lot of jewellery and mirror glass shades.ear cuffs too.


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