Janpath is right in the heart of Delhi…situated at CP one of the major places in Delhi, it is easily accessible by metro buses and autos..It is a major shopping destination. .. You would get some major brands at quite cheap prices..The latest trends, fashion it’s all here.. You ought to have some major bargaining … More Janpath-Delhi

Mela theme pants…

      Scarf and pants – global desi (mela collection) Shoes- marks n spencer Colourful, quirky and comfortable is the way to be in summers..and I am obessessed with the mela collectuion of global desi..my obessession is quite evident from the recent posts which have been of mela collection. . These colourful and mela … More Mela theme pants…

Does cooking make vegetables lose nutrition? ?

So the other day I started reading about vegetables and does heating them make lose the essential nutrition. ..I came across some interesting information. .. The common method of cooking used are boiling, steaming, frying, roasting. .. The University of Parma in Italy analyzed boiling, steaming and frying to determine the effects these methods have … More Does cooking make vegetables lose nutrition? ?

Eggless tiramisu..

Few desserts seem so exotic and are so simple to make.Never realised tiramisu was one of those.First try and got it almost right.I used simple ingredients since it was my first trial. I used the ingredients available in my kitchen. Ingredients-2 medium sized bowls of Vanilla Custard(make it slightly thicker),hung curd (half a bowl) which … More Eggless tiramisu..