B’day desserts. .

The lazy bum that i am, the dessert has to be really simple to get me motivated..I had this amazing dessert at a friends place. .I don’t like pineapples still went ahead and tried coz it looked so tempting..The moment I put a spoonful of it in my mouth there was a blast of flavours..There was ginger, pineapple sweetness of the cream..I was a fan of it…I had to try this but the effort I wasn’t sure of…and then she said Oh it’s very simple and gave me the recipe…thanks Chestha for the recipe…so here it is…

Ingredients – A can of pineapple, fresh cream, Ginger biscuits and castor sugar…
Crush the biscuits and spread them on the dish..take a transparent dish the dessert looks amazing and you can see the ingredients as well…

Pour slight juice of the pineapples from the can on the crushed biscuits. ..then a layer of sliced pineapples over the biscuits. ..

IMG_8491  Refrigerate the fresh cream for few hours so that the whey gets separated from the cream..take the cream and whip it till you get peaks…add a few spoons of sugar in the cream and whip…spread it over the pineapples and refrigerate the dessert for few hours before serving…Icall it the pineapple creme…

The dessert was a hit..friends fought for it..

IMG_8517Fight for the dessert 🙂


.The other dessert that j made was a chocolate fondue…very simple to make…I served it with few cookies, pineapple and nuts…


Friend baked an amazing cake for me…thanks a lot everyone for the amazing birthday…cake, gifts loved everything. ..


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