Eggless tiramisu..

Few desserts seem so exotic and are so simple to make.Never realised tiramisu was one of those.First try and got it almost right.I used simple ingredients since it was my first trial. I used the ingredients available in my kitchen.

IMG_8464Ingredients-2 medium sized bowls of Vanilla Custard(make it slightly thicker),hung curd (half a bowl) which was again made at home and can be used for making a lot of dips,whipped cream 1 small bowl,vanilla cupcakes-3 cut into small pieces and espresso.Custard and hung curd can be replaced by mascarpone cheese.And cupcakes by lady fingers.

Mix the custard,hung curd and whipped cream well.No extra  sugra required as the sugar in the custard is good enough.

IMG_8471Soak the cupcake pieces into coffee and line in a dish which you are going to be using to serve the tiramisu in.The spread a layer of the mixture over the cupcakes.

IMG_8472The another layer of coffee soaked pieces of cupcakes.



A final layer of the mixture. Refriegerate it for few hours.


Sprinkle some cocoa or chocolate over it and its ready.



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