Sarojni nagar market-Delhi

If there is one thing I love about Delhi, it has to beSN!!The place where I used go when I missed home or felt low, ever heard -shopping makes a girl happy,really it does :).So i shopped till I dropped and got back happy.Well this is one place where you can shop till you drop literally .


I have bunked college to get there at 11 in the morning to get designer samples and best bargains at dirt cheap prices,that’s the time for bouni.
A chiffon maxi dress for 300 bucks.

White dress and shorts 150 each..

A zara top for 150 rs. .a designer sample dress for 150 rs…billabong, topshop, super dry, S Oliver are just few international brands that can be easily found here…


Latest trend, junk jewellery, bags, footwear all can be found in this place..

Disney tee

I have managed to get it all..Most of my dresses are from sn.It’s a shoppers paradise and haven’t found any alternative to it in India.Bangkok can be a close second.


I can never have enough of this place,just buy whatever you like do not leave,chances are you would never get it if you come back.


Bargain well..say 150 rs and just walk off if he calls you back chances are you might get it..If not increase by 25 rs and so on.

Billabong crop top

Do not go on a sunny day,go in the morning or evenings.Never go on a weekend after 4 pm the place gets mad and you won’t be able to shop.

A baby pink dress for 150..

There are lot of restaurants too so relish those chole bhatures and gol gappes as you shop..

FCUK dress for 200 bucks..

Keep drinking water .Cover your head with scarf if it’s sunny.Bargain well do not give up-do not mind paying that extra 20 or 30 rs at times,you are getting a good bargain anyway and these people do not make much money like those swanky malls.

Have fun and shop till you drop!!

2 thoughts on “Sarojni nagar market-Delhi

  1. Was there a couple of weeks back with a friend. Had heard so much about this place from others, which was more about the pricing than anything else. As it turned out, it was not disappointing at all πŸ™‚
    T-shirts and barmuda heaven, was my verdict. Very well written post πŸ™‚

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