Dylanlex Inspired!!

My love for silver jewellery goes long back,it’s just recently that I realised gold isn’t that bad either.But today we are going to be talking only silver.Random google searches and insta made me come across these huge chunky statement neckpieces called Dylanlex.

It was all started by 2 sisters.A clothing designer and self-proclaimed vintage-hoarder, Drew picks up vintage jewellery from flea markets wherever she travels. “I never realized how much I accumulated until Instagram, which totally sounds insane, but it’s true!’ she says. “So I turned it into a side job. Now I make custom vintage pieces and am working on producing a jewellery collection, called DylanLex, inspired by the vintage pieces that I layer.”


This sister duo makes the most amazing layered, pretty and bold necklaces that can be spotted on celebrities such as Rihanna and Kendall Jenner. These pretty pieces range from $600 to almost $1,000.

The real versions are very pretty but sadly very expensive.Though not exactly but my dylanlex version looks pretty as well :).

All you need is a 4 to 6 neckpieces of different sizes.Start with shortest and so on.You can overlap the neckpieces as well,it looks good.


For my look-I picked up these 3 pieces from Colaba causeway,Hill road and Forever 21.I did not dissect them coz I want to keep the option of layering them with other neckpieces open.If you want you can dissect and make one neckpiece out of it just by connecting them to each other.There is no rule to layering, you can do as you like it.As long as you like it and can carry the look it works.I kept the intricate and elaborate one on top.Then the chain one and at the end a round simple one.


The trick is to keep the overall look very simple to be fair to these beauties.Pair them with simple tee and jeans or a top and skirt.These are bold statement neckpieces,anything else with them might make the look ostentatious.

I have been looking for some bold and tribal silvery jewellery for some more layering.As and when that happens I will update the blog.Till then this is my Dylanlex inspired look,hope you like it.





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