Desi travel chic!!







I love the brand global desi and end up wearing it on most of my vacations. The vibrant colours and the quirky prints just adds up to the joy of being on a vacation. The orange pants and scarf are from their mela collection. The black palazzo with elephant was from their A/W 2015 collection.
Hampi was discovered few yrs back by me while browsing travel channels on TV. Since then we had been making plans for a vacay to this place but it only happened recently. I have fallen in love with this place and it has to be my fav place in India for a vacation at this point of time.
The place is quite relaxed. Clothes gotto be with the mood of the place. The Boho chic in me takes over when I visit such relaxed and hippie places. Relaxed,colourful outfits and junk jewellery is the mantra.
Hampi is quite hot during the afternoons and bit chilly in the nights ( I went in oct and dec). The pants saved me from the tan and looked amazing in the backdrop of the giant boulders. Hampi is all brown and colourful outfits will help you get some amazing pictures. Comfort is of utmost importance while travelling for me. Don’t compromise on comfort,carry comfortable shoes,clothes and travel light. Enjoy and stay colourful 😍

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