Pink Spade..








So I got another watch,I had been eyeing this one for quite a while. My friends did not fancy this watch too much and this seeded a doubt in my mind too. While this delayed the purchase, but I finally took the leap to get my very own Kate Spade gramercy grand gold-tone watch.

I totally fell for the pink spade and second-hand.I am not that ‘pink-crazy’ but i love this touch.The other reason I thought I should get it was that it would go well with my traditional wear also. While the dial is big it still maintains its feminine touch.

I was looking for something which could serve as a day-to-day wear. I liked a few other watches as well; fossil (ES2683) and some more MK models.  This watch hits a sweet spot of design, which is elegant and subtle, and the price tag to make it suitable for both day-to-day and a formal social event.

The watch is not available in India so I had to wait till someone makes a visit to US and gets it for me.The watch is for 225$ in US, Macy’s ships it to India but might have to go through some customs which can be a hassle. Rope in someone to carry this for you from the US personally – the best option till it is available in India at a similar price range.

You can check for online offers on Kate Spade’s website. They run promotions and you can grab a good deal. Nordstrom, Amazon and Macy’s are few other online sites on which it can be found at competitive prices.Kate spade also has some lovely bags and jewellery 🙂


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