Stay fit in a happy marriage!

I thought it was a myth but a happy marriage does make you fat. I have seen people who were skinny thin to becoming super fat in a matter of couple of years.The average newly married woman piles on even more — about nine extra pounds over five years compared with a single woman, according to a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill study. At the same time, she’s probably exercising less. It just not about getting  fat but you might be developing a lot of health issues as well. The motivation should be to stay healthy and look good for your partner if not anything else.A few tips from my own experience for a healthy happy marriage-

1) Join some health club as soon as you get married. Some form of exercise together works wonderfully. You have someone always for motivation. Swimming together is great fun from my own experience. We love to swim together and have our own small races.Spending good time with your spouse need not be  with food always- a romantic dinner date or watching television with a big bowl of chips. Break the rules and go for couple activities.
2) Cook together- Cooking healthy food together is a good way to keep a check on each other. Google healthy recipes and try in your kitchen together -it is great fun.  You can try salads and soups and make a healthy meal.
3) Getting a health check up done-  You might feel you are not that fat and not have any health issues. But in today’s world where most people have  a sedentary lifestyle anything is possible. Stay healthy for your partner,you do not want him or her to get worried about the other ones health.
4) A lot of wives cook food with a lot of ghee and butter to show their love and affection. Anything tastes good with oil,butter and ghee but with that comes a high cholesterol level also. Minimise your oil intake,husbands look better without tummies and stay healthy as well.Low calories food is no more tasteless- it’s easy and yumm.
5)Make exercising and healthy eating a priority to keep your marriage fit. One of the reasons you got together is you’re attracted to each other and one should not take that for granted. Remember the first time you met and how young and attractive you both looked then,bring that image in mind when you need some motivation.


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