Smoothie Love!!

Here are few of my fav easy to make smoothies-

1)Go Green smoothie-

Ingredients- 1 bowl of Kale leaves(no stems),1 bowl of Spinach leaves,1 banana,half apple,half a glass of orange juice.Make sure everything is cold,and banana is frozen.You don’t want to water down your smoothie with ice cubes.You can experiment by adding a few more fruits like peaches or kiwi.

Blend all this in a blender until smooth.




2)Peanut butter smoothie-

Ingredients-2 heaped spoons of peanut butter,2 spoons of chocolate powder,1 frozen banana,half a glass of milk and 2 spoons of yogurt.

Blend them together until smooth.IMG_3813


3)Papaya smoothie-Simplest of all.Half medium sized frozen papaya blended well with a bit of water,  top it with some guava.IMG_9728

4)All white smoothie-

Ingredients-2 frozen bananas,1 apple,few soaked almonds and half a glass of milk.Blend well until smooth.


Ingredients-Handful of raspberries and blackberries,you can add blueberries as well, 1 small bowl of yogurt,1 banana.Blend well,add ice cubes if your fruits are not frozen or cold.




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