Namma Chennai!

I miss Chennai.. I remember the day I arrived in Chennai.The south Indian in me could not help but go to Sarvana Bhavan first.I have had dosas at n number of places,the 2 places where I love it the most are- Sarvana Bhavan(the ones in Chennai) and Dosa Camp(Mangalore ).I am very picky when it … More Namma Chennai!

Mawi Jewellery!!

It was only recently that I came across  MAWI jewellery. Thanks to KOOVS and MAWI collaboration, I had a chance to witness the “oh so gorgeous  MAWI collection “at the London Fashion Weekend a few months back. Before I eulogize the bold and creative jewellery,  let me present a brief  introduction to Mawi Keivom. She … More Mawi Jewellery!!

Polka dots and stripes!

Mixing prints is a lot of fun. Polka dots on stripes,hmmmm,sounds sort of weird but looks super cute and fun. Fashion is all about mixing and being comfortable.Be comfortable in your skin and you can carry off anything in style.Mixing colours and patterns,take the outfit to another level altogether. Coming back to polka dots and stripes.It … More Polka dots and stripes!