Polka dots and stripes!







Mixing prints is a lot of fun. Polka dots on stripes,hmmmm,sounds sort of weird but looks super cute and fun.

Fashion is all about mixing and being comfortable.Be comfortable in your skin and you can carry off anything in style.Mixing colours and patterns,take the outfit to another level altogether.

Coming back to polka dots and stripes.It has been there since ages.One of the oldest patterns which never went out of style and would never go.While I was searching for that perfect top for my striped skirt I found this polka dots top lying in my wardrobe. I was skeptical at first but nonetheless tried the combo and it looked pretty cool.The stripes and the dots are quite small so they kinda go well together.

Since it’s still cold here, I threw in a black overcoat and a pair of ankle boots.

In summers I would love to pair this outfit with black skater shoes and backpack.It would look uber cool with those skater shoes.While pencil skirts are considered to be a bit formal,I love to wear them as casuals.

OOTD details-Top,skirt,neckpiece-Forever 21,Bag-River Island and Boots- Dorothy Perkins



4 thoughts on “Polka dots and stripes!

  1. The best part is the neckpiece. You did not stick to the old matching – matching concept. Never took the chance to try different colours.But will now blend accessories with different colour clothes

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