Namma Chennai!

I miss Chennai..

I remember the day I arrived in Chennai.The south Indian in me could not help but go to Sarvana Bhavan first.I have had dosas at n number of places,the 2 places where I love it the most are- Sarvana Bhavan(the ones in Chennai) and Dosa Camp(Mangalore ).I am very picky when it comes to dosas.It’s not like that Sarvana Bhavan is not in London but it’s not the same and the price(I can have 10 dosas in Chennai for the price of one here).My usual order at SB is a plain dosa,a masala dosa and a filter coffee ,when I am super hungry may be one more dosa or a puri bhaji. Yes I eat a lot,the whole meal would cost me a little  more than 100 bucks in Chennai,but here it would cost me more than 10 pounds.Not a great deal so I need to learn to make Dosas now..pssssttt. See I miss Chennai all the more now.

My love for Biryani is quite evident from the pictures I post.My fav chicken biryani is the one made by my mom,no points for guessing that.The best biryanis are made at home by our moms,Chinna’s mom,Vijay’s mom and all other moms making awesome biryani.I never imagined I would like fish biryani but it was awesome,thanks to Fazil’s mom.Moms are great.Thanks a lot aunties for those yummy biryanis. Tasneem aunty thank you for stuffing us with biryani whenever we wanted. Nigar Sultana-our house parties would have not been complete without your biryani.

Chennai introduced me to a variety of Biryanis.The biryani you get in Bombay and Delhi are ($%%^***):( I better not talk about that.Rice with a chicken piece hidden somewhere,that is not biryani.That is rice with chicken curry or even worse.Chennai has so many biryani restaurants,what vada pav is to Bombay,biryani is to Chennai  I feel at times.There is biryani for everyone from small vendors to the famous Dindugul, Asifee brothers,Ammi’s Biryani etc.Chennai people love biryani and it’s out their on the streets.I so miss biryani outings with friends :(.


Peanut shake story-Me and my husband are crazy for peanuts.We are like the ones who have peanuts chun-chun ke from Haldiram’s namkeen. But a peanut shake ,I was not convinced enough yet i tried and made my husband try and the rest is history.We even asked the fruit shop at gream’s road for the recipe but they said it’s a secret.We managed to get our version of peanut shake which is quite close to theirs.But still we love you FSATGR and need less to say miss you a lot.Picture this,random late night outings to Juice shop,chilling with a juice as you drive by the beach,add some bhajjis and rain to that,oh man,goosebumps.

Apart from all this the food blog events-getting to taste the food before anyone else.The cafes-costa with a beach view and our fav Amethyst .There have been a lot of major discussions at this cafe.It might be a little expensive but come to London,even McDonalds burger is more expensive than that out of the world chessecake at Amethyst.It’s not about the money it’s how you feel about the place,there was something about this place.


The house parties-our big house where so many people could have a gala time.I really wonder how many can fit in this house. Everytime I wonder where do I keep this now, I feel like saying ,Honey we shrunk everything- our house,kitchen,food servings at restaurant,number of people we see on the road etc etc.I like crowd and noise, I am too used to it,I love Oxford street for that reason and all the other crowded places.Indian streets are always crowded any street,you would see people,not the case here.I mean I like less crowded places also but not always.It has to be a mix.

Friends-You do not make good friends at this age but we did,genuine friends who we know for sure would offer us help before we could even ask.You all know who you are and thanks for being there always.


Life goes on and we are ready for our new adventure called London.We miss Chennai a lot,I knew I would but my husband misses it too.The  friends,movie outings and drives.

We are learning new things- assembled the furniture,set our house again in the limited space we have,getting used to the tube.Finding new ways to keep our pictures as we cant’t drill in the apartments.

While we get used to all of that,London has been good so far,we love Chennai a lot so probably the missing and cribbing.

For now-

been a long road to follow
been there and gone tomorrow
without saying goodbye to yesterday….

P.S-Chennai is not that hot as you think,try stepping out in the sun in may in Delhi.


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