Chocolate chip cookies!!

Who doesn’t like cookies especially the freshly baked ones?I do,I am sure you also do.So if you like and never thought just like me that you could make these out of the world cookies,let me tell you, you can.I just made them and they are just awesome.It was my first try at baking all by myself.I have baked once before but that was with a lot of help.I googled few recipes took bits and pieces from all and tried this.I was not sure how they will turn out but since they came out really nice ,I decided to post the recipe on the blog.

All you need for this easy to make cookies -1 and a half cup of plain flour,1cup of brown sugar,3 spoons of white sugar(if you like sweet you can add 4),1 cup of baking butter slightly soft(or 200gm),1 cup of chocolate chips,1 egg,1 teaspoon of vanilla extract,half teaspoon of baking soda,1/4 teaspoon of salt.



I used Demerara sugar here since it is good for baking, particularly in things that need extra crunchiness such as crumbles, cheesecake bases, flapjacks and cookies.


Demerara is a light brown, partially refined, sugar produced from the first crystallisation during processing cane juice into sugar crystals. Unlike brown sugar, which has the added molasses flavour, Demerara has a natural caramel-like flavour that hasn’t been refined out. This lends warm caramel notes to whatever you add the sugar.I guess both brown and demerara work fine for cookies.

Next we mix the sugar with butter with a spatula.Mix until it’s all combined.It should take not more than 10 or 15 min.Then add the egg and mix until combined.

IMG_4513Add the vanilla extract and mix.Then add the dry ingredients mix (make sure to sift the dry ingredients to add air),if the mixture is slightly wet just incase,don’t panic add little more flour.

IMG_4514Add the chocolate chips and mix well.I love the sound the chips make when you mix them :).

You can bake right away or keep in the refrigerator for few hours.Or may be make one batch and keep the rest in the refrigerator.You can store them as well in freezer,so you just have to bake when you crave for freshly out of the oven warm cookies.

IMG_4521Put a  baking parchment paper on the tray.Now with the help of a scoop spoon or 2 table spoons place them evenly.If you want the cookies to be round,make small balls.Space them such that there is enough room for them to spread out.I baked for 12 min at 175 degrees C..The time may vary if you just took the dough out from the freezer,it might take another 2 or 3 min.Just look for them to turn slightly golden at the edges.And that’s when they are done.Allow them to cool down for 5 min on the tray and for 10 min on the cooling rack.

IMG_4525The chocolate chip cookies are ready,crunchy outside and chewy inside.Try and enjoy them with some milk 🙂






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