An Indian twist to the Denim trend

Denim has been always a part of my wardrobe and I must have owned all possible blues till now.I guess I am in luck as this summer happens to be all about denim.All of us are lusting over everything denim.A lot of blogs have been written on how to style a denim shirt.While I loved all the looks, I decided to give it a little twist.

Denim shirt is quite versatile and comfortable and can be styled in a lot of ways.But mostly it is considered to be a casual wear.My love for denim shirt gave me the courage to go for that extra step.I knew it would go with one of my ethnic wear but was not sure how others would react to it.Still i went ahead and this is how I styled it.I took the liberty of adorning it with some Indian jewellery as well.

I bought this skirt long ago;it needed to breathe some London air and the denim craze made that happen.I paired this with my denim shirt from mango.Such skirts are usually worn with bright silk blouses for Indian functions but, as it turned out, also looks good with this denim shirt.It can be a good replacement for those heavy blouses. It is very summery,casual,airy and very comfortable.It can be worn for a casual outing with friends and if you are one of the brave ones throw in some jewellery and rock this look at a friend’s sangeet.

Fashion is all about breaking rules.Style clothes the way you like and wear them with confidence.It’s all about the confidence and the ease with which you carry off these sartorial splendours.

IMG_4839 IMG_4830 IMG_4787 IMG_4890 IMG_4827 IMG_4832 IMG_4846



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