The Pampered Muslimah!!

Sarah an elementary school teacher does her stationery and accessories business in her spare time. Obsessed with stationery,she has a huge collection of pens,pencils,cards,notebooks etc. which continues to grow. It was this obsession and love for stationery that made her start this beautiful journey.

It was only last year ,while decorating for Ramadan she realised that she loves making these decorative for Ramadan. She also sold these at an Eid bazaar in Canada.She loved the experience and was encouraged to do this on a daily basis.While a lot of clothing and jewellery inspired by Islam is being sold in the world,there are not many who are selling stationery and accessories.Incorporating Islam into our daily lives is a good way of keeping faith. She loved stationery and thus started making stationery and accessories inspired by Islam since then.

She designs all notebooks,sticky notes,pens etc by herself.The ramadan journals are beautifully designed,a floral cover and some amazing Ramadan tips written at the start of the notebook.Love the spiral binding,makes it a lot easier to turn the pages.I also loved the quality of the pages.

The sticky notes are a good way to start your day with Bismillah written on them. I have not come across such pretty sticky notes.I love writing on them at the start of the day and is helping me a lot to remember stuff.They are so pretty and make me feel so positive. IMG_5091 IMG_5093 IMG_5099 IMG_5113 IMG_5118 IMG_5120-3 IMG_5125 IMG_5364 IMG_5129

Her recent collection is a beautiful line of Ramadan journals.These will make amazing Ramadan gifts.

Insha’Allah in another month or so,she will be releasing her Muslimah Life Planner, which will be available for pre-order in her Etsy shop. She also plans to make this her full time business and our best wishes are with her.

You can shop online from her Etsy shop,it ships worldwide.Her shop has a great collection,link for the shop is given below.


Instagram: @thepamperedmuslimah


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