India Circus – a colourful catalog!!

Colours influence us in remarkable ways because they are so entwined with the emotions of us all. Since ages they have symbolised and evoked our deepest emotions and held almost revered place in culture and history. No other place is this relation bonded stronger with the heritage, than India.

India Circus captures this spirit of India through unrestrained and unapologetic use of colors, and I love them for this. The eclectic designs , colours and patterns draw their inspiration from rich cultural heritage of India and can be found on wide range of products – phone case-covers, notebook, cushion covers etc.

Their notebooks are as colourful as any other product. In this age of laptops and tablets, I still can not resist the charm of putting pen to paper in a notebook. My strokes on paper feel much more personal. On top of it a notebook allows me to have an uninterrupted chain of thoughts; as i scribble completely immersed. No batteries, no glare, unbreakable and quite beautifully bound with the  skyline of my fav city Mumbai. No doubt I am in love 🙂

Some wise advice of the modern world – always check that you have these on you- keys, card and phone. Difficult to imagine your life without your phones these days. Poor things are as brittle as they are important. You cannot be overcautious in getting some protective gear for them. I dropped my phone the day after I unboxed it. Did not take me a second more to realize that  it was time for me to get it a cover, before I was left regretting. India Circus phone cover with vibrant pink colour and the birds was enough to lure me. I loved their whole collection and might buy a few more 🙂 . You can have the same phone cover here.

India Circus’s home decor section happens to be my all time fav. Even when I do not intend to buy anything,i love browsing and checking out the lovely colours and prints. I have bought a lot of cushion covers,it is so difficult not to buy all.The prints,colours and also the fabric.The poly velvet cushion covers are so classy and soft.The prints,be it the peacock paradise,lake of swans,boats and flowers, are beautiful and inspired by India. We never thought they could give our living rooms such an up-lift. I have got a corner in my house which we literally call the favourite corner ( yes there is a background story to the name but that is for later :))  and guess what, it has all India Circus cushion covers. And our doormats will let you know that you are about to enter a lively,vibrant and colourful home.






IMG_0266They have some cool accessories for men and women.The socks are super cool.They have got quirky ties for men,you can check them out here. The prints are super fun.



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