Label Debashri Samanta

Debashri Samanta is a Kolkata based designer . She launched her label in 2013 after showcasing at the Lakme Fashion Week summer/resort 2013 in the gen next category.

To me the label is a pleasant reintroduction to the craft of handloom but it does not feel I am being asked to embrace the traditional styles of old. There is evidence that creativity has lead the way for the craft on a evolutionary path. Asymmetrical motifs ,non-repeat designs, fabric treatments etc. are examples of this. The result is outfits that  appeal to both young  and old and speak today’s language.

Her ‘Summer Houses’ collection is inspired by Jamdani weaves from West Bengal. Dresses and tops with cartoon houses give the contemporary touch to age old hand loom. Details like metal house brooches, asymmetrical cuts make the outfits edgy. The collection is very summery,super comfortable and breezy.

Blend of the traditional art of handloom and Samanta’s creative touch make her clothes stand out. They are earthy and rustic yet urbane.

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