Bardot tops!

The coy, Bardot top is all the rage now.Bardot ,less glamorously known as off-the-shoulder tops ,are present in all the high street fashion stores.The famous neckline named after Brigitte Bardot is quite a obsession this summer.

A bit of history lesson here-Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot is a French former actress, singer and fashion model.Bardot launched many a trend, including the Bardot neckline (a wide neck that exposes both shoulders). She also revamped gingham, catapulted the popularity of two-piece swimsuits through her film The Girl in the Bikini, and brought the tousled, low beehive (choucroute hairstyle) into fashion.

As I fold and keep these I wish British summer lasted a bit longer.In some parts of India and world,where the temperature is still high, flaunt your shoulders ladies. They are pretty versatile and can be paired with skirts,shorts and pants.

The blue one is from New look,you can buy similar here.

IMG_4322 IMG_5699-2This one is from River Island,you can buy similar here.
IMG_2283 IMG_2276 IMG_5617-3 IMG_1225Topshop has a great collection,you can check it here.


13 thoughts on “Bardot tops!

  1. Hi, have you given your Goa pictures to a travel site? I recently found some of mine, and on image search found your image as well. It’s where you’re standing wearing an orange and green dress in front of the sea.

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