Jord-Wood Watch

Wood watches are the latest trend this season. I was gifted one by Jord recently.These watches are so well crafted and come in so many styles that you will be spoilt for choice.It was so difficult to select one from their amazing collection.

Each watch is designed with a lot of effort by designers keeping the modern lifestyle in mind.Their watches come in a variety of woods like-sandalwood,zebrawood,maple and so on.They have delicate and coloured dial watches for women and sophisticated ones for men.


Jord wood watches use high quality wood and glass.JORD uses only whole wood stock to create their Zebrawood watches.They use sapphire glass which is colourless and optically clear.This glass is highly resistant to abrasions as well.



I went for a men’s watch as I loved the tiny machines which were visible in this watch.The watch also looks a bit tough and macho.The dual colour make it look even more classier.The watch is made of zebrawood and sandalwood- darker and lighter shades of wood .You can read more about the wood used here .


The watch came in a pretty packaging and they ship free worldwide.So no worries about the shipping charges.I did a video on snapchat when i unpacked it.I totally loved the wooden box it came in.Since it is a men’s watch- me and my husband both get to wear it 🙂 .


You can buy the watch by clicking here.

Thank you Jord watches 🙂

IMG_8117IMG_8147IMG_8154 this link will offer an instant 10% discount code, the code will be emailed to you.


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