How to dress for winter?

There is no bad weather, just bad clothing !!

And it was proven right,when I carried all my winter clothes in a small backpack for 15 days. Sharing a few facts and tips here for dressing for winters.

Layers- Buy some loose knitted or woollen tops.Wear a long sleeved top inside.Too many layers might make you look puffed up. Wear the right clothes-a good thermal(base layer) , a jumper or knitted top(mid layer) and a good jacket(outer layer). Always check the weather and dress accordingly.

Sweaters and Jumpers-Remember when you take off your jackets and coats,this is the layer which is going to be visible. Especially at work(though not true for all professions,scrubs can be a blessing ), this is the layer which people will see, so be smart about it.Thin knitted merino sweaters are the best buys.They keep you warm and do not make you look fat.Zara and River island have a good collection of woollen tops which can be a good change from jumpers and regular sweaters.I know it gets boring to wear the same plain jumpers again and again,get some woollen tops and shirts ladies.

A pair of tights and leggings- I have a pair of thermal leggings for cold days and a pair of normal leggings for not so sold days.You can wear these inside you denims also when its extra cold.Wear them with skirts,culottes and dresses.

Skirts/Dresses/Culottes-Time to wear those leather skirts.Thick dresses which made you sweat in summers can be perfect for winters.Pair pencil skirts with sweatshirts for casual outings.Chunky sweaters look smart with culottes and fitted skirts.

Hair-Letting your hair down will keep your ears and neck warm but it might result in hair getting tangled .So braids,top knots and bun are the way to go.You can always let you hair down whenever you feel like,just keep your hair well conditioned and moisturised.

A good pair of boots and knitted socks will keep your feet warm.

Stay warm and have fun!!



25 thoughts on “How to dress for winter?

  1. I love the leggings under the jeans trick. It really helped to keep me warm when I was at university in Long Island. Winters there are a lot colder than I’m used to.

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